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ACES Gold Coast Event Temporary Fencing is a quick cost effective solution to make your occasion / event safe, private and secure. We carry large quantities of stock to meet your every need, even at short notice should the need arise. We have the resources to ensure your expectations are meet on-time-every-time.
We Guarantee;

Absolute 100% customer satisfaction
To treat your event needs large or small alike with the same level of urgency and attention to detail
To be on time, complete your installation requirements on time and bug-out on event completion on time 'every time'.
To provide the provision to offer flexibility, even at short notice. We understand things happen
No extra cost for out of hours; we will fit in with your requirements

Peace of Mind;

Our fencing meets stringent Australian Standards
Our event fencing is well maintained at all times

Product Range;

ACES Gold Coast Event Temporary Fencing can provide the provision to hire you the following which can be viewed above.

Standard 2100mm high x 2500mm long mesh panels traditionally used for securing a parameter
Fence extensions to put a stop to those seeking free entry
Step panels specifically manufactured with hand rails for crowd control
Proper gates of all sizes with wheels available for ease of both vehicle and pedestrian access
A range of fence feet to meet your specific needs.
Crowd Control panels
1230mm high x 2100mm long panels traditionally used for beer gardens, water activities and crowd control
Animal enclosures
stock control panels
Shade cloth / we carry a variety of colours